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When you are in the presence of someone who loves you, you feel it immediately. Their look, their voice all convey that you are in a safe and happy place.
Be yourself and you will be loved and hated for what you are. Be someone else, and you will be loved for what you are not, which is even worse than being hated for what you are.
Geniuses think differently. If you've caught yourself agreeing with the opinion of the majority, it's time to think outside the box.
People are usually as happy as they let themselves believe in positive. Happiness is a state of mind.
The universe is a constant movement. Every ending holds a new beginning. It is necessary to keep moving to be able to meet new opportunities and not to stay behind.
To love is to be vulnerable. To love is to accept that your heart might be broken and still fall in love. Don't try to keep it in a safe place. Vulnerability is a strength. Giving your heart is infusing you with love, the ultimate power.
True friends are those who want to get to know you well. They will be there for you, even though they know all good and bad about you.
We all enjoy our fantasy and imaginary world, but when our heart is filled with love reality becomes the best place to be.
Whenever you think that things can't be better. They can.